Матвей Басов
Григорий Нестеров
Елена Шлегель
Александр Забавчик
Владимир Гончарук
Сергей Римошевский
Григорий Иванов
Валентин Губарев
Сергей Писаренко
Сергей Малишевский
Василий Костюченко
The first exhibition of the group, “Artel” took place at the Museum of Modern Fine Arts in Minsk, in the fall of 2004.

Grigory Nesterov, artist and art theorist, is the founder of the group.

The stability of the group was demonstrated by its first successful exhibition.

The membership of this group consists of eleven artists listed below along with their specialties.

Virtuoso from Minsk

— The main characteristics of the group are: —

  • 1.Honesty and integrity
  • 2.Multiple voices expressed in harmony
  • 3.Use of creative form to present body and soul of particular expression to the world

We got tired from dissociation and negativism, from chaotic aimlessness and absurd perception of life, from egoism, callousness, worn-out rationalism, skepticism and loneliness of man, condemned to depression.

We concentrated too long on the negatives of life, but in fact there is light; confusion both in the world of the phenomena around us and in the world of star myriads, as it seems, - everything is submitted to the world harmony, to «the divine music of spheres ».

We have forgotten that there is God, beauty, love, that without other people we are nothing, that man, the Universe and God are in unity, and in this unity they are eternal.

Nothing repeats. The new, coming time is unique in the same way as all other ages. But without knowledge of the past progress is impossible. We do not break off with the past as it was done with modernism in the beginning of the 20th century. But accepting it, we are making a step forward – to knowledge and creation of the new reality, that have never existed before…

— Members of Artel: —

Grigory Nesterov Harmony of the world; the absolute and a reality.
Matvei Basov Rembrandt's traditions and abstract expressionism.
Grigory Ivanov Lyrics, softness, tenderness.
Sergey Rimаshevskij The touching world of the childhood.
Vladimir Goncharuk Light in the night, emotionality.
Elena Shlegel The feminine, refined world of dreams, elegance.
Sergey Pisarenko Intuition, secret of the nature.
Sergey Malishevskij A sensuality, the world of suppressed desires.
Valentine Gubarev Warmth, humour, chamber-style.
Alexander Zabavchik Works on border abstract and real.
Vasily Kostyuchenko Wandering in the world of subconsciousness.
Alexey Nesterov Magic art, meditation, self-absorbed
Alexander Shibnev Refined subtlety search for harmony and peace of mind
Natalia Ivanova Uses the style of "naive art", the world bearing poignancy and warmth.