Founder of the group

Grigory Nesterov Harmony of the world; the absolute and a reality.
Matvei Basov Rembrandt's traditions and abstract expressionism.
Grigory Ivanov Lyrics, softness, tenderness.
Sergey Rimаshevskij The touching world of the childhood.
Vladimir Goncharuk Light in the night, emotionality.
Elena Shlegel The feminine, refined world of dreams, elegance.
Sergey Pisarenko Intuition, secret of the nature.
Sergey Malishevskij A sensuality, the world of suppressed desires.
Valentine Gubarev Warmth, humour, chamber-style.
Alexander Zabavchik Works on border abstract and real.
Vasily Kostyuchenko Wandering in the world of subconsciousness.
Alexey Nesterov Magic art, meditation, self-absorbed
Alexander Shibnev Refined subtlety search for harmony and peace of mind
Natalia Ivanova Uses the style of "naive art", the world bearing poignancy and warmth.