Our credo

The architect, who develops the project of a building, complex of buildings or the whole city, strives for giving to his creation individual, unique look.

But buildings do not exist and are not perceived separately from the surrounding landscape.It has to be transformed, and sometimes to be created anew so that the buildings could blend well with the surrounding land, and the environment would emphasize and supplement their architecture.

People cannot have careless attitude to their environment any more. The landscape architecture is called for help to make this environment more convenient, functional, aesthetic and ecological.

Now the problem of dwelling place culture is given a great importance. Culture of dwelling is a very capacious concept. It includes convenient, functional and economically planned solution of an apartment that would meet needs of the people living in it. It includes high-grade development of facades and interiors, from the architectural point of view, and the reliable engineering maintenance of the facility and also convenient and beautiful sanitary-engineering equipment.

Such aspects, as favorable ecological conditions in the area of residing, presence of convenient transport communications and facilities of cultural and consumer services and trade are indissolubly connected with dwelling place culture.

And, certainly, not the last role here plays the opportunity of purchasing qualitative (both from functional, and aesthetic point of view) decoration materials, furniture, items of arts and crafts and lots of other things due to which cozy, «spiritualized» environment for human life is created.

A definite attention in the developments is given also to the introduction of elements of «bioclimatic architecture», allowing due to a certain orientation of a building, its space-planning decision, special constructive and engineering decisions to provide savings of power resources at the stage of construction and operation, to improve a microclimate of the dwelling place and its ecological characteristics.